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  1. Wasn’t very deep was it? The only reason he didn’t help her was to save his political life. He panicked, and she died. His daddy’s money, advisors, and connections were used to “forget” MaryJo, and now he’s answering someone who really doesn’t care who his family is.

  2. he “paid” for his crime by never becoming president. He never did anything for penance.

    How about we let Madoff out of prison and just never elect him president to punish him for his crimes. Great.

  3. That’s the failing that people – across the board, politically – can never forgive. Not so much because his actions, his drunkenness and stupidity put his car off the road in a relatively shallow body of water – it’s because he panicked, and thought only of himself.
    And if he had any scrap of self-awareness, any sense of the obligations that are due from anyone who has a pretense of calling themselves a responsible human being, he wouldn’t have been in the position that he has been, ever since that fatal night.
    He must lived the rest of his life knowing that if he had only thought heroically, thought of someone else besides himself, been a sensible, sober and responsible human being – gone to the nearest house and called for help – she might have been rescued in time. He might have been able to live down the temporary embarrassment, had a heck of a lot to explain the next morning but … He was a Kennedy, and one of those-so-called charismatic Kennedy-generation Kennedys, after all, of whom much is expected and a lot forgiven – but no. He thought first, foremost and always of himself, drunk and sober.
    What we want, I think, of our politicians, is that they at least make a good pretense of thinking of the better good, and of making a more convincing show of caring abut of the people they make a great show of pretending to care about. Ted Kennedy couldn’t even be bothered, in that particular instance and that particular crisis, and so the very nakedness of that ‘don’t care-think-of-myself’ resonates after all this time.
    His older brother, for all you might say about him politically – swam a good distance in a South Sea ocean, towing an injured crewman from his PT boat, after the same was sunk in a collision with a Japanese warship. JFK didn’t leave a friend/crewmate/acquaintance behind. And Teddy did. And had to bear that knowledge for all time.
    No wonder he turned into a drunk – if he hadn’t already been one before.

  4. I must say that I’m proud of the ‘boyz tonight. I never thought anyone would remember that horrific murder after so many years of being ignored by the media. I’m glad he is dead

  5. Sgt. Mom, you put into words what I’ve been tryin’ to say all day. He could have gotten her out if he wasn’t plastered. He already had the squalid reputation of a drunken womanizer, so that wouldn’t have been anything new. But the fact that he did the politically expedient thing is what was so appalling. I was 13 at the time, and I knew he was a coward. Like my father explained to me, “The Kennedys can kill anyone they want to, they’ve got the money”. And so, he acted that way, and the life of that young woman meant nothing. He was an unrepentant libertine drunk, who never should have been a Senator.

  6. Kennedy is directly responsible for the deaths of far, far more people than just one unfortunate young lady.

    In 1974, Kennedy sponsored legislation in the senate which by law cut off all American military, financial, technical and even agricultural support for the non-communist peoples of Indochina. At the same time the Soviet Union and Mao in China poured vast resources into their proxy states and groups. As a result, the following year, South Vietnam fell to a massive invasion from North Vietnam and the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia.

    The low bound estimate for the number of Vietnamese murdered by Ho Chi Min in the period of 1975-1977 stands a 165,000 thousand people murdered outright. Possibly even more died trying to escape across the seas in rickety boats over the next five years. In Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge murdered as estimated 1.4 to 2.2 million people out of population of only 7 million. This made Cambodia the worst proportional democide in history.

    Worse, our Kennedy engineered abandonment of the people of Indochina brought them no peace. Internal commuist warfare was constant from 1977-1992 and fall the Soviet Union.

    One can also draw a line straight from Kennedy’s actions up through every major conflict we have fought including 911 up to the present day. Kennedy’s abandonment of the people of Indochina gave hope to every little despot with an AK-47 and a RPG that if they could just tie America down for a few years, Kennedy and his pals would grant them victory. Every anti-American group since 1975, including Al-Quada, publically based their strategy on the idea that Kennedy and friends would prevent the U.S. from striking back at them. Osama bin Laden in many of his writings and speeches repeatedly pointed to Kennedy’s legacy in Indochina as evidence that a small group like Al-Quada could defeat the might of the U.S.

    So, we can lay 9/11 partially at Kennedy’s feet as well.

    His life was one of egocentric narcissism and a staggering sense of entitlement and privilege. He pursued personal power and prestige at the cost of everything and everyone else. The good that he did was merely an accidental byproduct of his lust for power.

  7. I think that this picture is one of those that says SO much.

    What Ted Kennedy did to Mr. Bork and Justice Thomas was absolutely reprehensible.

    Right on, Shannon Love. Everything you said in your email was true.

    That this man was able to become an sitting Senator for such an extended amount of time despite the fact he was a murderer speaks volumes for the state of Mass.

    It has always confused me that he considered himself a Catholic. He flew in the face of most of the Catholic beliefs. Abortion on demand and homosexual marriage come to mind. Oh, and who can forget that infidelity?

    Guess he wrote his own rules. On earth, anyway.

    I feel sorrow only for Mary Jo Kopechne’s family. The Dems will now use his death politically. Makes anyone with any class or taste pretty ill.

    Money cannot buy class. Period.

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