Don’t Be COI

All the bad press has prompted ACORN to act decisively in order to improve their standing.

Are they going to start to follow the law? Fire people who advise clients on ways to commit crimes, even if they aren’t caught on camera doing so? Maybe even refuse to commit fraud?

No, none of that. They are just going to change their name. Goodbye ACORN, hello Community Organizations International.

Because Conservatives are just too dumb to figure it out if you call it “Shinola“!

(Hat tip to Glenn.)

1 thought on “Don’t Be COI”

  1. James,

    ACORN’s move to change it’s name, IMO, is a sign of panic.

    When you change a name of an organization you need a NOVATION AGREEMENT to be issued to reflect that in the contracts that you have signed.

    If you don’t, your name is not “officially changed” with the Feds for tax or other purposes until one is. The states require local affiliated organizations to do similar contract gyrations for similar reasons.

    The Feds and most states also have freedom of information acts (FOIA) that cover issued public contracts.

    Breitbart can file FOIA for ACORN -> COI Novation Agreements with the Feds, states and major cities all day long.

    ACORN’s leaders just created a huge paper trail that the Right can follow to the public moneys and the people behind it.

    This was on a legal web site and is the legal definition of a NOVATION AGREEMENT.

    NOVATION AGREEMENT – A legal instrument executed by (a) the contractor (transferor), (b) the successor in interest (transferee), and (c) the by which, among other things, the transferor guarantees performance of the contract, the transferee assumes all obligations under the contract, and the purchaser recognizes the transfer of the contract and related assets.

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