6 thoughts on “The Ghetto Ways: “The Na Na Na” (2005)”

  1. And a new Joan Jett biopic is supposed to come out soon….

    *I was listening to 2005 stuff, too, today, Sufjan Stevens’ Chicago. I love that song. I love the idea of album/song projects designed around different states.

    **I also love the retro 80s clothing vibe on the runways today (marc jacobs) and, well, everywhere. What a fun time to be a girl the 80s was, clothing was eclectic, colorful, anything goes, wore lots of thrift store finds. The 90s were great, too, but I don’t think retro 90s will be as much fun. Been there, done that, the first time ruled.

    ***This all makes sense to me, you know, and is actually related to the above. Parents and kids can enjoy the same songs, John Hughes movies, guitar hero. Kind of nice.

  2. I don’t know about what is on the runway these days. I do recall the early 80s pretty well. The punk rock girls wore black tights or fishnets and miniskirts, or very retro looking thrift store clothes from a bunch of eras, sometimes with a film noirish feel, there was a lot of your standard black leather jacket with a tshirt and basketball sneakers. Of course, Cleopatra eye makeup and screaming red lipstick.

    The later 80s, the sorta nutty fun colorful 80s, I missed that. I got one job or another and missed it.

    I saw Joan Jett in 1992 I think it was in the winter in Indianapolis at a club called the Vogue. She was at the nadir of her fortunes. It was a big club, but she had been playing bigger shows not that long before. She is a tiny little thing in person. I was at most ten feet away. She came on stage with the jet black pageboy haircut, pale pale skin, Cleopatra eye makeup and screaming red lipstick, black leather jacket, jeans and a tshirt and sneakers. Her band were a bunch of hairy, hulking, longhaired professionals with black leather jackets and motorcycle boots. I knew we were in good hands when I saw them. Not the candy-assed pretty boys she had been touring with previously. She opened with Pretty Vacant by the Sex Pistols, an all-time favorite, which kicked some ass, and got a lot of cheers, from me and others. I got a guitar pick, which Joan had tossed into the crowd, but a girl in white go-go boots stepped on my hand, hard, and actually ground her heal on the back of my hand, when I reached down to get it off the floor. Ha. I won that one. It hurt a lot. I still have the guitar pick. It says “Joan Jett” on it.

  3. @ Mrs. Lex — Hey, Headspins (is that right, it’s kind of psychedelic to read) looks very, very, very cool. I like it!

    *PS Berwyn is cool, too. Ah, memories of hanging out with a friend of mine, Italian immigrant, about 8 or 9 years ago, hanging at her Brick Berwyn Bungalow, going out for horchata and other associated Mexican drinks and food!

    **I’ve decided this is now one of my favorite threads, here, ever. Mostly because the health care stuff is so depressing, I can’t even blog about it anymore….

  4. The health care stuff makes me vomit.

    The rock makes me smile.

    I can’t control or even have any impact the health care stuff.

    I can find the rock by turning on my computer or even walking out the door and finding it in real life in its own habitat.

    Life is still good.

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