3 thoughts on “Being Attacked By a Bear? There’s an App for That!”

  1. Since it turned out okay, I have to laugh at that situation. I especially like the pun in the article subtitle: “Grizzly Fate For Handset”. Thanks for posting.

  2. Now if they had just titled the article:

    “Woman Defeats Bear with iPhone.”

    So each one of us could respond, “What a bear was doing with an iPhone, I’ll never understand.”

  3. Hi there. Just found this blog (via Belmont Club, I think).

    As to an iPhone app for defeating bears that are hunting you, I wonder if something might not be possible along those lines. Could someone make a set of sounds that imitate either (a) something to scare the bear away or irritate it, like the classical music on outdoor speakers driving away packs of rowdy teens that we’ve heard of, or (b) something that the bear would find very attractive and be drawn to the iPhone, which the human user would toss some yards away, like the distraction idea in the article?

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