“The Wormhole: A time traveler’s coffee house”

“A viewer posted a message on my wall – “Have you been to the coffee shop with the DeLorean yet?”

No. And why hadn’t I? I’m a huge fan of the “Back to the Future” franchise, and to hear that a new coffee shop had opened inspired by the movie? I was so there.

I found that the Wormhole isn’t just a “Back to the Future” coffee bar – it’s a 1980’s pop culture explosion. Artifacts are everywhere – a “Top Gun” poster, “Star Wars” action figures, an Atari 100. But most important – the coffee is top notch. The owners recruited baristas from other local spots, and they’re brewing Metropolitan coffee among other local blends.”Marcus Leshock, ChicagoNow

From this article on the 15 best coffee shops in Chicago.