Rally to be held for “super fans” of Imperial City.

Imperial City, Washington D.C., whatever.

Make no mistake, Oprah Winfrey is supporting the rally. Two weeks ago, she surprised members of the studio audience at “The Daily Show” by announcing she will send them all to Washington.
Maybe she knows something the rest of us don’t.
Meanwhile, we can surely be excused if our imaginations run wild. Especially for the biggest fans of Stewart and Colbert, can the rally we anticipate possibly be matched by what they have in store? They haven’t promised us the moon — they haven’t promised us anything beyond generalities — but in lieu of other promises, the moon is what we expect. Or at least Lady Gaga and Desmond Tutu.

Come on. It’s all in good fun. Just a bunch of people attempting to restore some sanity to the fevered national political debate hijacked by evil extremists.

I do have some questions for the CBz readership, though:

(1) Will Twitter shut-down that day as twittering Obamatrons flood the system with gentle observations?

(2) Will the alphabet run out of the letters T, E, A, B, G or R?

(3) Will clouds of smug blot out the sun?

(4) Will there be extra aid stations to tend to all the broken arms injured from patting oneself on the back?

(5) Will Lady Gaga be there?

These are serious times people. And serious times call for serious rallies. Run by serious people. Generally sympathetic to a Very Serious Political Party.

Update: Last bit of the post edited slightly for “aesthetic” reasons. Because I felt like it.

Second update: Just watched the following video of Smugapalooza (link via Instapundit). Apparently, misspelling words invalidates an argument so I made sure to change “high jack” to “hijack.” Any other mistakes of note? How embarrassing. Except, I’m not embarrassed. Well, for me. Nice video of the March To Restore My Inflated Self-Esteem. I’m in love with myself….