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  • Whose House? My House.

    Posted by Dan from Madison on July 15th, 2013 (All posts by )

    Jameson alerted us of this extremely dangerous and vicious predator today.


    16 Responses to “Whose House? My House.”

    1. Mike K Says:

      Winston is best at finding skunks. I have to be alert to yank his leash out of stink’s way.

    2. Bill Brandt Says:

      Does this mean we are in for an early spring?

    3. Jeff the Bobcat Says:

      Take it from a bobcat, those buggers can be vicious.

    4. ErisGuy Says:

      I last owned a dog before cell phones had cameras. While walking we’d see deer, nutria, otters, storks, eagles, possums,…, but, alas, no photos.

    5. Dan from Madison Says:

      Yes, these ground hogs are nasty. Jamo has only been skunked once so far here on the farm so we consider ourselves lucky thus far.

    6. IGotBupkis, "'Faeces Evenio', Mr. Holder?" Says:

      LOL, they got nothing on Russian Rats. If they had any will power, they could become Green Lanterns…

      Heh. Proof here.

    7. Jeff the Bobcat Says:

      IGotBupkis, that was cool! Not that I would like to have one of those rats running around my neighborhood.

      But groundhogs can be very dangerous if you corner one or surprise one. They can also be very destructive of property with their digging.

    8. PenGun Says:

      (deleted by Dan)

    9. Will Says:

      Careful Jameson, once cornered they can really throw down. When the kids were young they would leave presents at the burrow entrance, for a big feller we named “Woodchuck Norris”. Can really do some damage to a vegetable garden. A sharp whistle will get ’em to stand up once you have the .243 sighted in.

    10. Michael Kennedy Says:

      That Russian kangaroo rate reminded me of a field mouse that once stood off my dog at the golf range my father had in Chicago Heights when I was a kid. Even the little guys, in desperation, can put up a fight with a not terribly enthusiastic aggressor.

      Also when I was a kid, the rats at the Chicago Stockyards were reputed to be cat sized and I knew men who would go there to shoot them on occasion. That of course was when Chicago was over run with private guns; not peaceful like now.

      My worst rat experience was when my cat brought a live rat to bed to play with. At about 3 AM, a commotion woke me up. I turned on the light and it looked like the horse head scene in The Godfather. The rat had bled all over the bed, even on my pillow. I scolded the cat, which promptly let the rat go and it scurried under the dresser. I had to strip the bed and wash the sheets and blanket. He finally took the hint and caught rat and took it outside.

    11. Gring Says:

      One time my brother shot a woodchuck. I cut some meat off it and tried pan-frying it. Horrible taste. I guess we should have let the carcass hang for a while. Or something.

      What did PenGun say to get deleted? Just tired of him?

    12. Dan from Madison Says:

      Yes, I banned PenGun from my posts long ago.

      Also, Will, I am figuring my .22 will do the trick if it comes to that. These things really can throw down, but if it hit the fan, Jamo would inside out that thing pretty quickly.

    13. Gring Says:

      I grew up reading my father’s collection of Thornton W. Burgess’s animal stories, including The Adventures of Johnny Chuck. While my father didn’t like hunting, he made an exception for woodchucks. There had been enough woodchuck damage in our garden for my father to decide that the only good woodchuck was of the dead variety.

    14. PenGun Says:

      (deleted by Dan)

    15. Dan from Madison Says:

      Gring – they are very destructive on structures as well.

    16. Will Says:

      Gring- I grew up in Thorton Burgess country, and loved those stories and the illustrations. A elderly neighbor who was tired of the yearly assault on the garden devised a plan. He planted three or four rows of cabbage nearest the burrow, thus cutting down the distance the Chuck needed to travel, and saving a larger portion of the crop for himself.

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