Surprising and Important

Harvard University has announced a new focus on the discovery of truth and the stimulation of scientific and technological progress.  Consistent with this initiative, Michael Gibson and Danielle Strachman of 1517 Fund will serve as co-presidents.  Peter Thiel will join the board.

Thiel is well-known for, among many other things, the Thiel Fund, which provides funding to creative people who choose a career path not including college.  The 1517 Fund is a venture capital fund focused on non-traditional founders.


This date–April 1, 2024–will be long remembered for this very significant announcement.

7 thoughts on “Surprising and Important”

  1. The Harvard board is however suppressing the news of their plans for Harvard-branded ice cream and frozen yogurt kiosks in all major markets in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, with expanded distribution to other regions beginning in the first quarter of 2025. Surprising, because Harvard is really better known for its tacos, but I suppose that market is saturated.

  2. Normally I would be rather cynical about this but if Peter Thiel is involved…

    Read in the Wall Street Journal yesterday that applications to Harvard were down 10% last year

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