Welcome to Our New Site

Last night, Blogger updated its user interface for our account. This morning, Sylvain logged in to post something. Apparently he forgot to sacrifice a goat or say the proper blessing, because the entire contents of the ChicagoBoyz blog, going back to Sept. 2001, disappeared. (The template is still there.) I am not inclined to wait for a resolution of whatever the problem is, so I decided to move the blog to this new site, which we were going to do soon anyway. Unfortunately, I have not yet been able to transfer the old site’s archives, but I am working on it.

I apologize for any inconvenience to readers. I suspect, however, that your ChicagoBoyz blog viewing experience will be smoother on this new site than it was on Blogger. Don’t forget to update your links.


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Our New Site”

  1. Here’s hoping for a speedy and full recovery. Your collective thoughts are always worth a read.

    Good luck!

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