Bribes With Other People’s Money Aren’t Always That Attractive

We have our faults. We are tempted by power and money – that’s no less true of Americans than any other nation. But we aren’t fatalistic. We are pretty sure that God helps them that helps themselves. And we may covet but we don’t believe that is a sign of injustice but rather of sin. So, all in all, I’m feeling pretty good about us; Obama’s attempts at turning us on bankers or insurance companies or. . . Well, we haven’t been turning in anger or with our raised fists. The biggest movement of the last few months may be anti-tax, but it seems more an argument for standing on our own feet, for independence, for liberty. And if Ben Nelson can be bought, I can (with some pride) point out that Nebraskans can’t be. The poll isn’t some kind of middling, some kind of, well, we’re glad to get the money but it’s a nasty business. It’s I don’t want any of that tainted lucre.

It’s been a long time since I left, but one of my daughters is thinking of moving there. She’s the one with the “Sowell Bro'” t-shirt. I’m hoping she’ll be happy.

3 thoughts on “Bribes With Other People’s Money Aren’t Always That Attractive”

  1. I bet this surprises some of the politicians who thought it would be business as usual. They are so used to horse-trading (*cough*bribery*cough) that it caught them flat footed…

    Although, I note, ominously, that Obama’s polls seem to have stabilized and are even rising at Real Clear Politics. I wonder why; the press has been so awful lately, and yet, he is doing better. ???? Lag time?

  2. And by ominously, I don’t mean anything bad. Of course I hope our President does right by our country, I just meant ominously for opponents of ObamaCare! I don’t think ObamaCare is doing right by the country, obviously….

  3. I suspect those rising polls may have preceded the “Christmas Day event.” The reason why this is so devastating to Obama is that it fits the narrative to a tee. News stories have to have a hook. This one is right on the topic of the Democrats’, and especially Obama’s, attitude about terrorism and national security. They know it, too. Hence the furious reaction to Cheney.

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