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  • Alternative Realities…

    Posted by Jonathan on December 30th, 2009 (All posts by )

    beer draining station

    0700 hrs: Chicagoboyz commence blue water operations.

    “Narcissus! You come out of there this instant!”

    Explore the public option with the Chicagoboyz.



    6 Responses to “Alternative Realities…”

    1. Tatyana Says:

      At least there is liquid there.
      Soon there‘ll be none.

    2. tyouth Says:

      I wish I had nothing better to do (and money to burn); I’d rip out our johns and put in some heavy-duty, commercial bathroom accoutrama (like the one pictured).

    3. onparkstreet Says:

      How about this, “That’s where our economy will be once we enact ObamaCare! IN THE CRAP*ER! IN THE TOILET!”

      Sorry, I feel strongly about it, that’s all….

    4. Tatyana Says:

      that exact model is for multi-story buildings with high-pressure water lines. I, too, like wall-mounted fixtures, though.

      Maybe you’ll do it in New Year!

    5. Michael Kennedy Says:

      It looks a little like that high (or low) pressure toilet in a North Sea caisson when they were building the oil platforms. Poor fellow flushed before standing up and had his guts pulled out his anus by suction. I would very suspicious of it. Then there was the woman who sat on the toilet for two years. You have to watch out for suspicious looking toilets.

    6. tyouth Says:

      We can dream Tatyana, we can dream. A flush urinal in addition to the “sit-down”? Oh, man!