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  • Morning Snack

    Posted by Dan from Madison on January 12th, 2010 (All posts by )

    morning snack 001

    ChicagoBoyz need to feed their bodies and their brains.


    18 Responses to “Morning Snack”

    1. Robert Schwartz Says:


    2. Tatyana Says:

      What’s that suspicious yellow powder?

    3. Dan from Madison Says:

      Whey protein, one scoop = 20 grams. Once you mix it all together is actually OK.

    4. onparkstreet Says:

      I thought it might be a protein powder. Blue berries + yogurt + protein powder is the combo I am assuming? Actually, that looks pretty good. One of my favorite snacks used to be wheat germ on a scoop of cantaloupe. Really. It’s actually pretty good – the slight nuttiness of the wheat germ against the cool blandness of the cantaloupe.

      Oh no: from shoes of the Chicago Boyz to “recipes” of the Chicago Boyz! And, I’m in the age cohort where I’m into the back pages of Health Magazine. The horror.

    5. Tatyana Says:

      Madhu: I’m in even more terrible cohort: I check out the back page of T&C magazine; yes, where they print horoscopes. Not once in the past year they guessed right…but I still read – and laugh.

      Whey protein – how profoundly sad.

    6. Dan from Madison Says:

      Onparkstreet – correct on the ingredients. Every summer I vacation in Michigan and we bring back around 80 pounds of blueberries and freeze them for enjoyment all winter long. It is a pretty tasty mix. To boot, the whey protein powder is banana flavored.

      Tatyana – not sad, good for me! With all the training I do, I need the protein boost and this is a convenient way for me to get it without too many calories.

    7. Tatyana Says:

      Dan, I’m saying it a mom of ex-track-teamster. Who used to consume protein powder by the gallon. *shudder*
      He’s still telling me stories about some of his gym friends and their powder-diets (plus variable additives… also mostly chemical in nature). *double shudder*.

      And what’s wrong with calories?

      And what’s the point of training and toning your muscles and achieving incredible strength if you’re not using this apparatus for anything?

    8. Dan from Madison Says:

      “And what’s the point of training and toning your muscles and achieving incredible strength if you’re not using this apparatus for anything?” You should have seen my last half marathon time or the fighters that I help train.

    9. onparkstreet Says:

      Sporty bleg: anyone know anything about Chicago crew or rowing? For beginner types? Really beginner types?

    10. Dan from Madison Says:

      Onparkstreet – that is a great sport, one which I had time to get into. Talk about a workout.

    11. Tatyana Says:

      Dan: but what is the purpose of running in marathon? Nobody delivers messages this way anymore, do they?

      And fighters…cue Indiana Jones episode, with the gun vs. sword. Fighting is a bit moire useful than running, but only a bit.

    12. Dan from Madison Says:

      Tatyana – the purpose is the journey.

    13. Tatyana Says:

      Ha! Thanks, I needed a laugh

    14. Dan from Madison Says:

      Well, I was serious, but glad I brought a smile to your face :)

    15. tyouth Says:

      god help me, at first glance I thought there was a dead mangled chick in the bowl.

    16. Dan from Madison Says:

      Tyouth – I have seen some Asian cultures eat half formed chicken embryos in the egg. Can’t remember what they are called.

    17. Dan from Madison Says:

      Ah it came to me, balut.

    18. tyouth Says:

      hmmm, hmmm, good.