4 thoughts on “Chicago River View… and Aqua”

  1. Pleasant article in the current New Yorker on Aqua’s architect, Jeanne Gang. Makes it sound appealing, emphasizing utility, beauty, and site-suitability. What’s it like “in person”?

  2. It’s lovely in person and I am generally a traditionalist when it comes to architecture. I dislike the contemporarly glass box, but I like the heterogeneity of styles here in Chicago.

    Anyway, in person it somehow retains a human quality – the individual is echoed unlike much contemporary architecture. It is practical, didn’t break the bank, and pleases all at the same time as the article states.

    Thanks for the pic Carl in Chicago! I had the chance to see it from another condo building across the way – 15th floor – and the individual balconies catch the eye, they interest the watcher!

  3. Ever since I read about the architect and that building in Town &Country, I wanted to see it, inside and out (more – inside than out).
    More and more apparent that new design leap of this decade is due to digital revolution, to computer design software like Autodesk’s – when project architect succeed in finding contractor who can implement it into their technology, the results are stunning. Then all the nonsense of fake victoriana hiding modern structure underneath falls on its face, quite spectacularly.

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