Weekend Viewing – Justice Thomas Q and A

Ann Althouse links to a great video if you have an extra hour and a half this weekend. Justice Thomas does a very interesting Q and A with students from the U of Florida Law School. It isn’t all about law, and the law they talk about is easy to understand for non lawyers like myself.

I was struck by some of the things that Thomas said. He says the word “honesty” quite often. Also, he mentions “doing things right” a lot. I can really identify with both of those concepts.

One other thing that struck me was a concept he brought up of “things aren’t always as they seem”. I don’t want to spoil the whole video so I will leave it to you to see in what context he uses it in. It was a real eye opener and hit home with me.

I have ordered Justice Thomas’s book from Amazon (only $11 for hardcover) and look forward to posting a review here in a few weeks.

In general, I am always impressed when I hear the Supreme Court Justices speak and write. They seem to be the only ones above the fray as far as our governmental structure goes. Even though I disagree with the viewpoints of some of the justices, I really do respect them for the job they do.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Viewing – Justice Thomas Q and A”

  1. I would like to add that I was extremely upset when Obama took his pot shot at the justices during the SOTU last week – for content and lack of class. Then again, it is the Chicago way.

  2. Justice Thomas has my deepest admiration. His thinking, as reflected in his writing and his speech, is always sincere and lucid.

    Of course, that we agree on so much helps.

    You’ll love his book. It is an honest and open account of his life. His emotional and intellectual development is laid bare.

    I love this guy!

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