Talk About Jaded

I came across this rather odd news article a little while ago. “Ultimate Thrill: Get Abducted For $1,226“.

Well heeled executives in France are paying big money to a company that arranges faux kidnappings. It seems that the thrills of bungee jumping and alpine skiing have faded, and adrenaline junkies with more money than sense are looking to add a little spice to their life.

After the contracts and liability waivers are all signed, and I suppose the check has cleared, the kidnapping kompany will lie in wait, lurking until the best time to strike! That way the surprise and emotions are at their most fevered.

A spokesperson for the firm which arranges these hijinks goes all psychobable in an attempt to justify the service. The clients are facing their worst fears in a controlled setting, hence it is good for their mental health!

I loved this part….

While paying “victims” might find the experience cathartic, however, there’s little guarantee of how innocent bystanders might react to witnessing a kidnapping in broad daylight.”

For some reason, I don’t see an American version of the company having too much success if they set up shop in Texas.

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  1. Since IIRC 1 in every 50 Texans has a concealed carry license, fake kidnappers would face a non-trivial risk that any random bystander would be armed and would have legal authorization to use lethal force to prevent what would appear to all reasonable observers as a felony crime presenting a substantial risk of lose of life.

    See, this is why Texans hunt. It keeps our economic elites from getting so board they go squarely.

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