Image / Meme Needed

I know it can be done. I know it needs to be done. But I lack the skilz to do it.

Here’s the request.

Take this famous image:

obama joker socialism

Put the Joker’s wig on the head, and put the collar and shoulders of the Joker’s nurse uniform on the torso. Put the word “healthcare” in the box, in the same typeface.

I know that ChicagoBoyz readers have the capacity to do this properly, or will send this request to someone who can.

If want to send it to us, send it to:

If it is awesome, I will post it here on CB with credit to whoever sent it.

I saw two efforts to do this on Google images and I did not like either of them. This should be exactly the same as the famous image, only slightly modified to include the wig and the shoulders and collar of the nurse’s uniform. There are plenty of images of the Joker’s nurse wig and uniform on the Internet, which a skillful Photoshopper could use.

Note that I will not use any such image for commercial purposes. All I want is a compelling, easily replicable image / symbol that can be spread widely as part of the ongoing fight against Obamacare, starting here.