2 thoughts on “Happy Easter”

  1. Happy Easter.

    The linked drawings from Spain (Easter in Malaga) at Urban Sketchers are quite beautiful and are accompanied by the following description:

    “Meanwhile, in the streets all the population awaits. It is the most important tradition in places like Andalusia so it is a deepty rooted event also for non-believers. As a whole, it is a theatrical baroque feast in which art, music, silence, smell of incense and azahar are combined in a solemn, striking way; a feast in which the whole city plays a role.”


    – Madhu

  2. My daughter spent a year in Granada with her now husband. He was finishing his degree and she learned Portuguese from a fellow they rented their extra bedroom to. While there, she took a bunch of photos of the Easter pageant which is ancient and involves families who maintain ancient treasured pageant artifacts that are carried on the men’s shoulders in the parade and which depict Bible scenes and scenes of the Easter time. They are quite beautiful with gold and what looks like jewels. The men carrying the float-like artifact, which is about ten feet long, wear hoods. I checker her Flickr albums but they aren’t there anymore. It’s sort of a mysterious tradition and goes back to the Middle Ages, I believe.

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