12 thoughts on “Dried Salty Fish – Yummy!”

  1. VOBLA!!

    Ohhhhh…..I miss it so much! Not so much the bloating after eating all that fish jerky but…..

  2. Tatyana,

    I know you are kidding and I know you’re referring to the food and drug commissars forcing limits on salt, but I have to say, i don’t actually salt any of my food because I have learned salt is bad for you. With impending Obamacare, I know from experience I can’t afford to have a serious chronic illness. I had that in the USSR and the system Does NOT work as promised. Who would have thought that socialism doesn’t work, eh?

    I was actually just threatened with a ban on further posts when I pointed out that the new salt laws guarantee an increase in compliance costs which will be passed on to consumers but won’t guarantee that people will be healthier. Yah. Apparently, my post was all political opinion while the original poster’s comment about the article – “about time” – was hardcore fact.

    What I said was that there is no practical way for the government to control salt consumption. If people find the new less salty food to be bland, they’ll simply use the salt shaker. Meanwhile, everyone will have to pay more for food to cover the compliance costs and the additional government bureaucracy that will be necessary to monitor salt levels. In light of this, we really have to consider whether or not we want to make that trade off.

    This is not unlike NYC forcing restaurants to post (highly in accurate at that) nutritional information for dishes served. The cost of performing this task is passed on to consumers. However, studies done so far have concluded that nobody actually changes their decision based on the information. According to one study, only 57% even notice the nutritional information and the minority who do actually change their planned order end up eating more at home, thus not reducing their overall daily calories. So, no benefit and plenty of cost passed on to us in the form of higher food costs and more government bureaucracy to support.

    needless to say that with moderators too stupid to differentiate fact from politics and opinions, I self banned.

  3. Methinks, where was it, where did they threatened to ban you?

    You can come over to my place and talk about stupid NY mayor’s “fat/salt/sugar/etc is bad for you” legislation any time! I’ll even thank you!

  4. Tatyana,

    It wasn’t a blog but a private group. Apparently, logic is considered “hostile”.

    Oh, we could have a great time together!

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