6 thoughts on “The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother”

  1. So, OK. I am stumped by this one. The music, not my thing; I can’t tell if it is a good example of whatever genre it is because I have ear for this kind of thing. The people shooting each other and still walking around? Seems a waste to shoot the girl, anyway. The guy looks the guy from the White Stripes a little, but he does sound like Robert Plant at all, so that is probably a coincidence. It would have been better if they were running around in Afghanistan in their groovy biker leather jackets shooting Taliban, who would fall down and stay there when they got shot. It could have ended with them going into a cave, with dust and smoke and flames, and emerging with Osama bin Laden’s head on a stick. That is, unfortunately, probably the closest we would ever get to actually seeing Osama’s head detached, like it ought to be.

  2. Well, that is Jack White from the White Stripes. The Dead Weather is a super group he formed with a bunch of others. As you know I pretty much love any music he puts out and I love this song as well. As for the video I can’t wrap my head around it – I think that is why I like it so much. I don’t know why, but things that I can’t seem to solve easily such as this production are things that I typically like.

  3. Ha! Jack White from the White Stripes!

    I wondered about that too….

    I like the song, I like the two people doing that vaguely Matrix-y thing, but the uber-exurban background doesn’t work, IMO.

    (Listening to WXRT the other day and the DJ – yes, some of us oldsters listen to the radio, youngsters – was all, “that dude is a workaholic.”

    Except he put it funnier than that: I just can’t remember the exact words.)

    – Madhu

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