Everybody draw Mohammed redux

Well, I drew Mohammed, albeit in a purely derivative way (which makes me an ultra conventional modern artist, I guess). I did it this way to make a very minor point, that one does not have to be disrespectful to stand up for your rights. I will never fall into idolatry over Mohammed. If he is in Heaven, he got there by an extraordinary act of mercy by the grace of God in my opinion because he did many wicked things on earth and led many people astray. Even under a Caliphate run by normal muslims I would retain the right to that opinion as a dhimmi.

But I drew Mohammed today because many muslims are not normal and their more numerous normal bretheren are not keeping these extremists in check. I don’t expect that my blog post will get me any more than inclusion in the generic condemnation by these evil muslim jurists who abuse their powers and shame their own faith through their exaggerated fatwas but it’s the thought that counts. I stand with freedom and against censorship. I’ve done my bit. Now it’s your turn.

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