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  • Good Summary

    Posted by Jonathan on July 21st, 2003 (All posts by )

    Steven Den Beste is back in form with a monster post summarizing the case for our being in Iraq as part of a reasonable long-term strategy for protecting ourselves by reforming the Arab world. He also effectively slaps down (not that it’s difficult to do) the “Bush lied!” idiots.


    3 Responses to “Good Summary”

    1. mike van winkle Says:

      I enjoy your blog regularly. As a fellow Chicagoan and a UC grad student I was hoping I could get your support for The Chicago Report, a blogazine of sorts, combining the daily updates of a blog with the detailed discussion of a magazine.

      We’re looking for feature articles that would run on the site for about two weeks and would provide a good opportunity for you to promote your own blog. Features should be 1000+ words and not topic is off limits.

      Anywho, sorry for the solicitation…

      keep up the excellent blog

    2. mike van winkle Says:

      excuse me … no topic is off limits

    3. Jonathan Says:


      Thanks for the kind words and for reading our blog. It might be better in the future to send this kind of message via private email, but for the moment I’ll leave it up to give it such exposure as we can and allow anyone to respond who wants to.