New! – Your Official Chicagoboyz Merchant Tie-Ins

Official Watch

This is the official watch of the Chicagoboyz blog. One of your male Chicagoboyz bloggers, who is secure in his masculinity, owns this watch and you should too. It is really a very macho watch for manly men who know that a man’s manliness is not defined by the size or color of his watch, if you get my drift.
Official Toilet Seat
The Mossy Oak® woodland camo toilet seat is the official toilet seat of the Chicagoboyz blog. We are not usually early adopters of radical technology but this is one of those new products that no reasonable person can live without.
Official Restaurant
Pollo Tropical
Pollo Tropical is the official restaurant of the Chicagoboyz blog.

11 thoughts on “New! – Your Official Chicagoboyz Merchant Tie-Ins”

  1. Dude, so wrong about the official restaurant.

    Guess the correct official restaurant.

    Hint one: The team at work

    Hint two: “What kind of potatoes my friend?”

    Hint three: Short ribs, Saturday only.

  2. That’s a nice looking watch. (Almost as good looking as the clear plastic Baby G “jelly” sports watch. Ahem. :) )

    I subscribe to Health Magazine and in addition to discussion of various excercise routines, healthy (naturally) recipes and ads for wrinkle cream (I know, I know), there are always reviews of these types of watches. Generally a pictorial layout with a rainbow assortment of colored watches by Donna Karan or something.

    Greg Gutfield once had a funny online riff about Health Magazine, the dodgy medical “science” within and the types of people that subscribe. Not too flattering to the likes of me! But I like the recipes!

    – Madhu

  3. Marketing must be really advanced these days. My 5 year old looked at the picture of El Pollo Tropical and asked if we could go there to eat. She doesn’t know how to read, but she knew it was a restaurant. This subliminal advertising business is really true, eh?

    By the way, you guys might want to look at El Bolero on Western Ave. Rough area but good food and no attitude.

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