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  1. Actually, I thought so as well. Maybe I sounded sarcastic above. Either way, she’s the only one I’ve ever been able to sit through more than five minutes of — and not just because she’s good looking.

  2. I don’t have a TV so I am really out of it.

    Is Bobby Batista still around?

    I saw Rudi Bakhtiar once. She looked like a fashion model, and she did not come off as much of an, uh, analyst of the news.

  3. Umm, Helen Thomas?

    There goes the Iron Law.

    Unless we’re talking TV/cable correspondents.

    Geez, I remember watching Katie Couric on the local Washington NBC affiliate. What a dope. Now she’s a “serious” journalist appearing on C-Span panels discussing world politics and international affairs.

    Still a dope. She couldn’t cover, literally, a small town zoning or school board meeting. Wouldn’t know how to write the story, who to talk to.


  4. – Did Bambi Francisco every work at CNBC? I don’t think she does now. Besides, I can’t tell what she looks like: the photos I’ve seen of her are small and she uses a lot of makeup.

    – Bobbi Batista certainly doesn’t work for CNBC.

    – Rudi who?

    – Are you guys serious about Emma Crosby? She looks good and everything, but she seems to have trouble finding Britain on those big maps they use.

    – Katie Couric fits my model, but she doesn’t work for CNBC either.

    – The German lady who does after-mkt reports from Frankfurt seems unusually competent, but unfortunately also fits the model.

  5. Daryn Kagan.

    I mention her because I have no idea how good, or bad, she is. If she happens to be on CNN, I sit staring at the TV, slack jawed, not noticing anything she says. Those eyes…. mmmm.

    For all I know, she could be the second coming of Bob Woodward, or for that matter, David Corn. I haven’t a clue. All I know is she makes me make Homer-Simpson-Thinkin’-‘Bout-Donut noises. Argglelarglemmmmmmmmmmm….

    Helen Thomas makes me make the same noise, only in reverse; as does excess tequila.

  6. The CNBC Europe correspondents are not too bad. That would include the German lady; she’s on in the morning here. Not bad at all.

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