3 thoughts on “Uday and Qusay Still Dead”

  1. While the blow to Saddam’s honor is huge, this column misses some important points.

    The trivial one would be that Saddam would likely never call it the “Hussein dynasty.” It would be more like the “Tikriti dynasty.”

    More than that though: if he has any surviving grandsons, the hope for a dynasty would still be there. Even if it was through one of his daughters.

    We need him as well as his sons, and we need to know where all the kids and grankids are otherwise.

  2. Dean, I think you’re getting carried away. The sons were real threats because they were major players in the regime and had been for years. The grandchildren are kids. I don’t see why anyone would back them or follow them when they come of age, even if (a big if) they share their grandfather’s worldview and political talents. Lineage alone only takes one so far. And anyway the Tikritis are going to be marked men into the forseeable future, so I’m not sure there’s much we have to do in that area beyond keeping criminals from the old regime out of public life.

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