1 thought on ““The One-Party Media””

  1. “It is extraordinary, and I think unprecedented, that a free press has voluntarily transformed itself into something not very different from the controlled press in an undemocratic country.”

    Ironically, the UK newspapers are more adversarial to the administration than domestic outlets. And, this is even more extraordinary when many of these “free press” failing newspapers seek the financial support of Washington; which would complete their transformation to an official mouth-piece of the state…and that transformation would be nothing but a formality. Rush Limbaugh said this week that there is “no media” and he is right; CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, NYTs, WP, LAT are not the venerable Fourth Estate but rather enablers of an agenda. Brietbart and Fox (though Fox sometimes follows the template) and bloggers are the only press opposition on the horizon.

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