Sure Took Them Long Enough

France says they are now at war with al Qaeda.

Well, sorta-kinda. Retribution military raids, really. No one is saying that France is going to go full bore on this.

Not that they really could anymore, considering how they have allowed their ability to project force rot on the vine in favor of social welfare giveaways to the voters. Unless they are conducting military operations inside their own borders, the options for France are kinda limited.

3 thoughts on “Sure Took Them Long Enough”

  1. Judging by their inability to protect their own cities from the “youths” who rampage so frequently, I am not at all sure that they could conduct a successful operation on the Champs Elysées!

  2. I saw one such “successful operation” on the Champs Elysees. We were sitting in a cafe when a woman in a head scarf came by our table begging. We didn’t give her anything and friends later suggested she was probably Gypsy rather than Muslim. Anyway, the manager, or possibly owner, of the sidewalk cafe saw her, ran over, grabbed her arm and threw her out into the traffic. I thought it was an interesting reaction.

    I suspect the ordinary French citizen is as sick of their government’s pusillanimous treatment of violent Islam as we are. My wife was talking to a young woman who was working in a shop. The girl was an Israeli working in Paris. I think an explosion may be coming in Europe and it may start in France.

  3. I’m surprised the French can speak the words, though I don’t expect any follow through. Murder French diplomats and the French government speaks the language of war: bravo. Murder American diplomats, and the American government apologizes. Who’s the cheese-eating surrender monkey now?

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