5 thoughts on “Just Because I Like It”

  1. I was sitting on the front porch this afternoon listening to the Reds & the Cubs, and thought about that song while I listened to Marty and the Cowboy paint the word picture. After a month of arguing, I had finally gotten the cable co. to fix my HD sports station, but I listened on the radio, because a true fan knows it is better that way.

  2. “I listened on the radio, because a true fan knows it is better that way”….during the early days of television, a child was asked which he preferred–radio or television? He said he preferred radio, because “the pictures are better.”

    Which also links to a question I wanted to discuss about music video as an art form. The video that accompanies the song above is cute, very nicely done…but in general, I wonder if video, especially video that attempts to narrate the action of a song, adds to or detracts from the song itself. Except for cases where the video-maker is exceptionally creative, I suspect the answer is usually the latter.

  3. I usually prefer to listen to radio coverage of baseball, but in part that’s because my local team (Tampa) has unusually poor TV announcers. Something I like very much about MLB.com is that you can choose local or away radio or TV coverage (blackouts limiting that somewhat).

    Music videos can be more than a sum of their music + video parts, but I find that one isn’t up to the same standard as the other.

  4. If I like a song a video won’t do anything for me. If I like the video, fine. If I don’t, I ignore it and go back to liking the song.

    If the song is marginal, however, the video might make me give the song another chance.

    – Madhu

  5. (Half-baked thought alert)..I see a certain connection between music videos and PowerPoint presentations, in that with both media types, there is a strong temptation to use imagery in a way that detracts from the core experience of the song or the presentation, rather than reinforcing and enhancing it.

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