Rat Hunt II: Regime Change for Arafat

David Warren very plausibly argues that the Israelis are serious this time, and are going to “remove” Arafat. Regime change is becoming a regular practice, it seems. Which probably means they will kill him. One can hope. After all, how in Hell could they hope to get him out of there alive, surrounded as he is by his supporters, without a bloody fight? This is a move which is long, long overdue. “The Arab Street” will be upset. Fine. Let it break its own windows. Or its angry young fellows who want to kill Jews and Americans can all join Al Qaeda, if they can find the recruiting office. We should open one at Guantanamo, cut out the middle man. Whatever. The hurdy gurdy has been cranked for the last time. Arafat is responsible for the program of suicide bombings, so Arafat has to go. As to the Palestinians, they can never get past square one with this leadership. Once Arafat is dead someone rational can come to the fore, eventually, though probably not soon. The suicide bombing policy has to be shown to be a failure, with consequences. As to world opinion, the basic attitude is utterly hostile to Israel anyway. This will only make the shouting louder, but not change the substance.

So, go get the sumbitch. Do it in a harsh, brutal way, in broad daylight with live TV coverage. Send a loud message that violence will be met unwaveringly with massively greater violence, over and over again, as often and for as long as necessary. That message may penetrate the thick craniums on the Arab street. It is a language they understand.

Then put Arafat’s dead face on TV, like the Hussein boys.

2 thoughts on “Rat Hunt II: Regime Change for Arafat”

  1. It must be greater and greater violence in reprisal, or this will all never end. The Israelis know how to crush them, I’ve read my Bible. They just need to f—in do it.

    As is they haven’t made it hurt over the birthrate, which is when the Pals. will stop it.

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