13 thoughts on “Friday Night”

  1. I thought Dutch gins were very different than Engliah gins. How does a Hendricks G&T compare to a Beefeater?

  2. I like Hendricks. It has a bit of an exotic flavor. I also like Tanqueray and am trying some other random gins, too.

    The glass is 1/2 full because I only had 1 bottle of diet tonic and was rationing my tonic to gin consumption with more gin and less tonic :)

    Heading to Binny’s now to stock up!

  3. I was a Tanqueray drinker for many years. But, last year I held a gin off. I bought a bunch of pints of premium and super premium gins. By the end, I decided I liked Beefeater as well as, or better than, Tanqueray. The super premiums did nothing for me.

  4. @ Robert Schwartz: There are many styles of gin, each appealing to different tastes. Most are pretty similar (except to fans), but oude genever Dutch gin is singularly different. There are other Dutch gins that are quite similar to British gins.

    I will, however, take exception to the presence of preserved, bottled lime juice! What? Are actual limes out of season or out of financial reach? Do the Sodium Bisulfite and Sodium Benzoate add to your drinking pleasure?

    I won’t get pissy about the use of Persian limes rather than Key or Omani limes. That’d just be obnoxious.

  5. My mother, as she approached her 100th birthday, said the saddest day in her life was the day she had to give up martinis. That had been a few months before. It did seem to work as she made it to 103.

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