Technology? Glamour? — Blogging!

She's got our number!

In the city of the future, life’s necessities will be at our fingertips. . .

(Maybe that button should really be labeled: “Pizza”)

I apologize. I had intended to blog about:

-The moral hazard created by government payments to California fire victims, who are thereby encouraged to rebuild their homes in vulnerable areas.

-Or about DARPA, which, despite my carping, does a lot of useful research and has a fascinating website (via Kaedrin) that Lex is on my case to write something about.

-Or about George Bush’s possible coming dilemma: if the economy continues to improve, and the Fed resumes juicing the money supply, and Treasury keeps talking down the dollar, and gold prices keep creeping up, there could start to be a lot of inflation worries — and pressure for Fed tightening — just as the 2004 political season gets into high gear and the President is most vulnerable.

(Does anyone know of a 12-step program for photoshopaholics?)

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