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  • Andromeda Klein, Frank Portman (2009)

    Posted by Chicago Boyz Archive on September 20th, 2010 (All posts by )

    Christine O’Donnell’s youthful dabbling in witchcraft, not that there is anything wrong that, reminded me of the best book ever ever ever about a teenage girl witch in contemporary America: Andromeda Klein, by Frank Portman. I could not put the book down, and I laughed out loud many times.

    Dr. Frank, as he is known in entertainment circles, used to lead the pop-punk band The Mr. T Experience. MTX had many beloved favorites, including the timeless Even Hitler Had A Girlfriend (Why Can’t I?).

    In his dual role as author / musician, Frank created a “theme song” for the book, a snappy tune I have found myself singing on many occasions. (“Andromeda Klein, Andromeda Klein, Born under a cryptic sign … .”) It is always good to hear “Cthulhu” rhymed with “woo hoo hoo.” The song is featured above. Some devotee, in a true labor of love, made a video which actually depicts the main character, Andromeda Klein herself, with her Tarot deck and her black hoodie, and her wig and sword and candles … .

    Dr. Frank has a very cool blog, Dr. Frank’s What’s-It. Obscure and wonderful music videos appear on it. I heartily commend it to your attention.


    2 Responses to “Andromeda Klein, Frank Portman (2009)”

    1. tehag Says:

      “Christine O’Donnell’s youthful dabbling in witchcraft, not that there is anything wrong that”

      Witchcraft is farther from reality than Intelligent Design is.

    2. barely human Says:

      or post-normal climatology, eh?