D’oh! Do you write-in Murkowski, or Murkwski?

That Queen of sound, sane, sensible, boring government by well-connected heiresses, Sen. Lisa Murkowski employs staff who cannot spell her name.


I screeched and hooted in mean-spirited derision when this egregious faux pas was brought to my attention. Some enterprising and right-thinking fellow seized upon this error: comedic hijinks ensued.

The Force is strong in Murkwski’s implacable nemesis Gov. Sarah Palin. Inexplicable forces come to her aid. Her foes are confounded at every turn. Sand smites their eyes, stones stub their toes.

Gov. Palin will make her enemies her footstool. Cross her at your peril.

Or maybe Christine O’Donnell put a magical curse on Sen Murkwski, as a way of thanking Gov. Palin for her support?

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  1. Pretending there’s no “O” may be the smart thing to do this political season. At least, that’s what most Dem candidates are doing.

  2. Lexington Green: Are you any relation to Da Rock’N’Roll Nurse?

    I have my days :)

    But right now the government says you must take your Vitamin R like a good boy, whether you want to or not.

    (Please don’t take my little gold star away!)

  3. I figure that as a write-in Lisa M will get maybe 25 votes. My prediction is that she stays in DC and gets a job on K street.

  4. Hey Lexington Green

    Lexington Green Says:
    September 21st, 2010 at 9:00 pm Little gold tinfoil star plonked onto your forehead for that astute analysis, A,GN.

    Shouldnt that be a little gold tinfoil pentagram?

  5. Amusing thread. Clever folks, very clever :)

    There is nothing wrong with “sound, sane and sensible.” Even boring is perfectly fine. I could use some sound, sane and sensible government. If only such a thing existed.

    I think the professional political class try – always! – to steer the general cultural feeling in the direction that only one set of ideas, and one set of people, are capable of sound, sane and sensible government.

    Colin Powell on one of the Sunday talk shows this past week did a little dance when asked if he was “still a Republican.” Note the question: “are you now or have you ever been a Republican?” (I am exaggerating for effect, easily offended-types.)

    This is the game some in our culture play: soft, smooth, whispering murmurings that certain things are just not so, just not done, well how could a reasonable person think that?

    It’s not always dialed up to 11 like you see with Palin and her critics. There are subtle “class markings” going on, too.

    Well, it would explain an awful lot of strange behavior if that were so.

    – Madhu

  6. Oops, forgot to add that you and Shannon Love are doing a good job discussing class markers and politics. What an interesting set of posts.

    – Madhu

  7. Palin really does not dial it up to 11. Her Facebook posts are orthodox conservative ideas done in folksy fashion. Her enemies are routinely driven to spittle-spewing rage by her mere existence.

  8. Speaking of Murkwski campaign bloopers:

    Yesterday on local Anchorage Talk Radio (Glenn Biegel KBYR 700), he read a statement from Lisa’s campaign spokesman critical of Joe Miller. The statement is quoted in the Alaska Dispatch blog 17 Sept (“Miller on Murkowski’s “Going Rogue.”)

    Here’s the paragraph Glenn read:

    “”We are looking forward to engaging Joe in a dialog about Sen. Stevens and the work he did for Alaska, work that Lisa has carried on,” said Steve Wackowski, Murkowski’s campaign spokesman, late Friday night. “As (to) the rest of Joe’s ramblings, this is coming from a man who is asking Alaskans to ‘tighten their belts’ on government spending — while he enjoyed having government pay for his education, both undergrad and graduate, subsidize healthcare for him and his family, and pay his salary for the majority of his adult life. Alaskans deserve better.”

    The part that sent callers and the Talk Show host ballistic was that latter part: where the spokesman is in essence disdainfully describing Joe Miller’s attendance at West Point and later commanding tanks in Combat and winning the Bronze Star for bravery in action, as somehow sucking on the public tit, and thus sneer-worthy as hypocrisy. That got callers-in very riled up, as well it should, especially since so many of them up here are military veterans who don’t view being sent off to combat as being on the dole.

    FWIW, brave American’s have been “sucking on the public tit” at West Point since it’s foundation as a Military Academy in 1802 and thousands of “those leeches on the Federal Dollar” are found rehabing on the public nickel at Walter Reed, or buried for free in scattered US Military Cemeteries around the globe. That was the generally expressed sentiment.

    Not a good day for Miz Murkwski on local Talk radio.

  9. Excellent comments, Madhu and “Daddy” (did you just make me say that :)?)

    I knew Joe when he was a cadet. He came to New York fresh from Kansas with barely a nickle to his name. His family were farmers, I believe, or country folk, and they taught him the value of industry, honesty and thriftiness. Joe worked hard at school and extracurriculars, excelling at everything on the “taxpayer dime” so that he could serve ably and with distinction, which he did in the military and a war, a law practice, on the bench, and, one hopes, he’ll do in a Senate seat to come. My strong impression of him is that he sought always to acquit himself by a well-formed conscience, which for all appearances he seems to be doing today.

    Unlike Murkowski. Looks like she just lost any potential Republican backing with this release and all personal honor.

  10. As I recall Superman had an impish enemy from the 5th Dimension, Mister Mxyzptlk (pronounced /mɪksˈjɛzpɪtlɪk).

    A royal pain in the ass Mxyzptlk was for our favorite illegal alien, but thankfully (Kal-El, son of Jor-El, aka Clark Kent, son of Johnathan and Martha Kent of Smallville) was usually able to trick him into saying his name backwards, which sent him back to the 5th Dimension for 90 days minimum, after which the scum-bucket would return for more pranks.

    Well thanks to that dicked up Merdecows@#t ad D’oh! Do you write-in Murkowski, or Murkwski? that messed up name may banish our pesky Imp Lisa to some other dimension for a heck of a lot longer than 90 days, where hopefully they won’t even offer her a shot on Dancing With the Stars:)

    Here’s Mxyzptlk if anybody cares:


  11. I’ll take “The Force”, Practical Magic, or a two by four; whatever is necessary to get both Hereditary Senator and Marchioness “Mxyzptlk” and her enablers in the Republican Senate Conference out of office.

    They promised Joe Miller, the morning before Senator
    Mxyzptlk made her announcement of running an independent write in campaign, that she would be immeidately stripped of all her committee seats when she announced.

    Yesterday [4 days later], they reluctantly agreed to strip of her seniority, but leave her on the committees she is promising to use to steal money for Alaskans.

    Today, they backpedalled, and she gets to keep everything.

    link to news report below:


    I grant that she probably threatened to vote with the Democrats in the lame duck session. The thing is, already the only place for her if she wins, and the only hope she has of making a living in politics if she loses, is with the Democratic Caucus. So she is going to vote with the Democrats anyway.

    Up through November 2, concentrate fire on the Democrats; hitting them so hard that their distant ancestors will beg for mercy. November 3, shift fire. We are hunting RINO’s and DIABLO’s.

    Subotai Bahadur

  12. UPDATE: Now that it is apparent that losing the Republican Primary and then running against the duly nominated Republican candidate has absolutely no downside, it is spreading.


    Castle of Delaware is hinting that he will run a write in campaign.

    Subotai Bahadur

  13. Once you feel the Power of the Dark Side…

    Heh, I once ran this caption to the un-photoshopped version of that pic:

    “Having lost the primary, Lisa Murkowski deliver s Darth Vader telekinetic stranglehold to her campaign manager.”

    But she’s not Sith any more. She’s Khan Noonian Singh in the flaming wreckage of the Reliant, activating the Genesis device in one last desperate attempt to derail Joe Miller. “No, you can’t get away…”

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