This Guy Never Dabbled in Witchcraft

This is the kind of bloodless, antiseptic, dead-eyed smiling, Mr. Perfect Senate candidate that we want to represent us.

We can be sure that this man will not let us down by using the wrong fork at the very expensive luncheons where the lobbyists will giving out their instructions about what is good for America. There is no danger that he will suddenly wax enthusiastic about Battlestar Galatica, or the Lord of the Rings. He did not grope the girl at the frat party, that one time, even though he really thought she wanted him to, because his career might have been jeopardized if she had, you know, not wanted him to. He goes to a church, sure, but it is a nice normal one with a Rainbow flag out front and not too much Jesus-talk or hand-clapping. He does not have a Metallica tattoo on his left pectoral.

He is not OUR Witch, and he never will be.

You betcha.

8 thoughts on “This Guy Never Dabbled in Witchcraft”

  1. Hey, you didn’t give us Clint Webb’s website! I believe it’s
    His opponent’s desire to “Eat the United States” is exactly what these loony right wing Tea Partiers want, or something.

    I, for one welcome our sterile, two dimensional self-absorbed masters…

    Great video spoof. All too accurate.

  2. That video is hilarious but I could see some taking a look the video and ascribing such attitudes entirely to one party and one set of politicians.

    And so, we see what we want to see.

    The video had me laughing out loud in the best LOL fashion.

    – Madhu

  3. Okay, last comment from me (I’ve made, like, ten comments on various other threads. I seem to be in the mood for it.)

    How far do you want to go with this? I mean, the smarmy perfecty-perfects being just just as unfit – or fit – to govern as people with less perfect vitaes?

    Some of the same criticisms are thrown at the observant and religious by hipsters and the like. Look at the way Evangelicals are portrayed by Hollywood: as smary perfecty-perfects.

    Hmmm, I don’t know where I am going with all of this, except I’d like people elected who are a bit more humble and view their constituents with more respect.

    – Madhu

    (I say all of the above as someone who’s made lots of mistakes. My heart is with the mistake-makers, but I recognize the some more quietly living types are just as capable of being creative and forward-thinking as the rebellious.)

  4. This is the sad state of electoral politics—“packaging.” The candidate is a product for consumption, as it were. No one is as perfect as portrayed—on either side of the spectrum, but the chattering class long ago resorted to a sort of sophomoric, school-yard set of rules for what is, and is not acceptable. The duplicity is what makes this worse—the left recently buried two senators; one a KKK-style racist and the other abandoned a poor young girl to drown in his car—and both were mourned as “great Americans.” And they did this stuff as adults. Going after someone for something they said in HS reveals more about the attackers/accusers than the object.

    Madhu—I agree—both parties could use a good dose of humility and remember who they work for.

  5. That video was funny and could have been written by Codevilla. Just finished reading his book “The Ruling Class” and was a perfect take off on his description of their behavior.

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