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  • What’s Your Merkin?

    Posted by Shannon Love on September 24th, 2010 (All posts by )

    Mine looks something like this:
    My merkin

    I am somewhat embarrassed to admit I already knew what a merkin was. I learned it as a teenager reading John Varley’s “The Barbie Murders.”

    Things like this make me glad I’m a provincial who is isolated from the hip, urban fashions. Come to think of it, the rest of you should be glad as well.

    Somethings, you just don’t want to see.

    [Oh, h/t Instapundit]


    5 Responses to “What’s Your Merkin?”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      We are all Merkins. Merkins live in Merka.

    2. Paul Milenkovic Says:

      Yeah, my wife keeps telling me everyone, male and female, in Hollywood is using “hair extensions.”

    3. mlyster Says:

      Where I come from, ‘hair extension’ means just skipping a haircut for an extra few weeks…
      Just looked up ‘merkin’. Eeww.

    4. ballard Says:

      That isn’t the giant squid that washed up in Tasmania a few years back?

    5. Blake Says:

      Filed under “Things I know, but didn’t really want to know.”