3 thoughts on “An Unqualified Victory for All the World”

  1. Oh dandy! Let’s take on Saudi Arabia and Pakistan! Let’s see, who do we have to send? The fire brigade? How about the Dog Catchers?

  2. The feeling of celebration would not be complete without some sore loser reactions and outbursts of despair from the tinfoil hat brigade. (So thanks, Dick).

    But the best so far has to be the leader of Hamas expressing “disgust” that Saddam didn’t even put up a fight when he called on so many to die fighting the U.S. Well, duh. As someone who cowardly sends brainwashed kids to blow themselves up in buses while neither yourself nor any of your relatives are ever involved in the bloody mess, you should know. Now you know how the rest of the us feel about you, scumbag.

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