The Positioning Begins

Note Howard Dean’s comments:

WEST PALM BEACH — Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean said Sunday he hoped the capture of Saddam Hussein will change “the course of the occupation of Iraq.”


“This, I hope, will change the course of the occupation of Iraq but I think the first order of business is to say this is a great day. I congratulate the Iraqi people,” Dean said.

Dean is right that it’s a great day, and it’s decent of him to congratulate President Bush. But note Dean’s repetition of his comment about “[changing] the course of the occupation of Iraq.” He appears to be setting up the argument for U.S. withdrawal: Hussein is gone, now it’s time for us to get out.

Look for it.

UPDATE: Power Line comments.

7 thoughts on “The Positioning Begins”

  1. Hmm, interesting. I thought his comments were very well thought out, politically speaking. I didn’t pick up on what you mentioned though… still, it was more than I expected…

  2. Dean won’t be satisfied until our helicopters are pulling off the roof and our supporters are being massacred in the streets.

    He’s smoking crack. Maybe he can get a position in the Chirac administration after W hands him his head on a plate next year.

    I spit on the ground where he walks.

  3. Scott, true, so true.

    And the very earth will turn to flames beneath his feet, and the sky will turn to blood … .

  4. Nah, there is no jihad around here.

    We only demand that the non-believers of the DNC leave the Holy City of Boston at once. Or a mighty heavenly fire will engulf them all…er, I mean…Or they shall be buried in piles of snow every week-end…

  5. “his comments were very well thought out, politically speaking”
    I agree with that. So after being on the record congratulating him(so as to secure any advantage that holds), more recent comments in his foreign policy speech seem to avoid even mentioning Bush.
    Hmmmm. I just heard a soundbite of Dean saying “Saddam’s apprehension, which could have happened 6 months ago…”. What the hell is he insinuating? So it’s a good thing that the troops did..but they were just too slow for his tastes. Sorry, Howie. You know how lazy those military folks are. Flashback: How many (besides Bush1/Scowcroft)have said he could never be caught?

  6. Oh wait..Dean’s speech does mention (a)Bush:
    “Every President in that line, including Republicans Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and the first President Bush demonstrated that effective American leadership includes working with allies and partners, inspiring their support, advancing common interests.”
    Otherwise referred to warmly as “this president”(finger in air, no doubt)

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