For those of you who unfamiliar with the antics over at my blog (currently on hiatus), Im Captain Mojo, the latest addition to the fine Chicago Boyz family.

I like to think that Ill provide that air of confused unprofessionalism, juvenile commentary, and semi-coherent ranting so necessary to balance the skillful writing, astute observations, and capability for abstract reasoning that my fellow contributors demonstrate so commonly.

Its all about balance and harmony people.

Anyways, thanks to all the other fellas for letting me play in their sandbox, and Im looking forward to joining in on all the fun.

6 thoughts on “Greetings.”

  1. I imagine the Captain and me as being the blog equivalent of two long-haired guys punching their fists in the air during the opening bars of “Livin’ After Midnight” or maybe “Blitzkreig Bop”, and being the total weirdos at the party. Hey, I’m way, way cool with that.

    Once that is out of our system, either of us may also say some intelligent things, too. You never know. So keep ’em guessing.

    Welcome aboard, sir.

  2. Aye Aye, Captain! As for the visual Lex presents, I’m thinking Leo Strauss plus 2 feet of hair, minus 30 lbs. and 40 years.

  3. I left Christmas greetings at many weblogs, but I unfortunately did not do so here…

    To all of the Chicago Boyz – I hope that you and yours had a great Christmas, and that you are all having an excellent holiday season as well. And have a Happy New Year’s as well. Keep up the good work with this site, and with your other activities.

    Thanks, and God Bless!

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