Evil Capitalist Multinational Corporation Propaganda Machine Run Delightfully Amok

Hootie Ho-down
If you’ve been watching much television lately, you may have caught Burger King‘s new ad for its Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch Chicken Sandwich. The spot, which is titled “Fantasy Ranch” has won my heart with its mix of wholesome folksy music, blatant sexual innuendo, and complete lunacy, all twisted to the purpose of promoting the unhealthy fast-food agenda of a multinational conglomerate. Tell me that this concept doesn’t warm your cold, machine-like capitalist heart as it does mine.

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I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone… but…

I must disagree somewhat with my co-blogger James Rummel’s earlier post on the cultural importance of Hunter S. Thompson’s works.

Those who’ve read my stuff in the past know that I’ve always been more than a little influenced by HST. For those of us who enjoy strong drink and occasional forays into the domain of high weirdness, the good doctor provided a vocabulary to describe the vague and sometimes horrible recollections of lost evenings. His prose could be simultaneously fascinating and stupid, hilarious and repugnant, right and wrong.

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Professionalism In Action

Thanks to Tim Blair, we now know that the good people running the Netscape CNN site have a remarkably expressive file naming system.

As a commentator on Blair’s site says, “winners can laugh … losers are losers”.

(Just in case they fix the file in question, here’s a screenshot)


As I’m sure everyone’s already seen on Instapundit, CNN and Netscape have announced that the offending filename was created by a junior Netscape (not CNN) employee responsible for posting files (which is what I figured). This person has apparently been fired.