So If There Weren’t Any Iraqi WMD Programs …

What can this possibly be about? Whaddaya know, turns out that “more than a thousand [Iraqi] Ph.D.’s were trained in the black arts of making nuclear, biological and chemical weapons.” Now we’re going to spend $22 million giving them non-WMD work.
It may be glorified welfare — a similar program for Russian scientists “has yet to develop a single commercial product” after eleven years — but the concept of redirection training is sound. I note that $22 million over 2 years would employ only about 50-60 Americans at high-tech labor-market rates, but presumably could pay 10-20 times that many Iraqis a comfortable salary by regional standards.

3 thoughts on “So If There Weren’t Any Iraqi WMD Programs …”

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  2. The article says that some of the scientists have joined the “resistance”. Egghead terrorists. Sounds like it could be a sitcom.

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