Around Chicago November 2010

Upper left – a lot of the higher end or craft brewers are starting to sell their beer in cans. This is a “Gossamer Golden Ale” from Half Acre Brewing Company, a local Chicago micro-brewer. Good stuff. Upper right – funny to see a Smart Car parked on the sidewalk on Wells street under the “El” tracks. Lower left – over in Wicker Park “Brooklyn Industries” has their wares plus pre-emptively put up graffiti on half their building to boot. Lower middle – I can’t believe how low the jeans are on the shorter guy on the left side of the picture. They honestly would go down to about my knees. I am not a fashion expert but if you are already short wearing pants that make you seem EVEN shorter wouldn’t seem like a good plan. Also if you enlarge the photo you can see that he has his wallet in those pants too which for some reason I find funny. Lower right – on Michigan Avenue they are still building new condos. UNBELIEVABLE. These are Ritz Carleton residences, you’d figure that if they can’t even sell out the Trump that they’d give up on building more high end residences. Or maybe they are way smarter than us and betting that the debased US currency will enable foreigners to use their Euros and other valuable currencies to snap up real estate, especially prime real estate on Michigan Avenue. You never know.
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  1. Lower right – on Michigan Avenue they are still building new condos. UNBELIEVABLE.

    Tell me about it. What is with Greater Chicagoland and the non-stop development of condominiums? We’ve got a massive glut, nobody can get a loan, and only so many people want that kind of downtown lifestyle anyway.

    It’s like our entire political class is made up of dopey urban planners full of all the latest buzzwords: sustainable, walkability, blah-blah-bility.

    *I visited Wicker Park and Bucktown a few weeks with a friend (he was in from Boston) and I made him by a hipster hat at at Goorin Bros.

    “You know how you de-hipsterfy a hat?” I asked him. “You be our age and buy one.”

    Actually, the hat suited him. A lot. It’s fun hat shopping. No wonder the hipsters like wearing them. It reminds me of the 90s fashion for swing dancing.

    – Madhu

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