3 thoughts on “Good Point”

  1. I am not sure this conflict of interest really exists. It has long be rumored that Hillary is going to try for the White House in 2008, but I doubt it. She is too polarizing to even have a chance. Most Democrats seem to realize this important point. If you ask around, I think you will find very few Democrats willing to nominate Hillary.

  2. Agree that she is problematic as a candidate, but consider that she has already won a major election, which, even though it was in NY, means something. Also, whatever other Democrats may think about her, I think it’s clear from both her own and her husband’s behavior that they are working up to a presidential run in 2008. What can she lose?

  3. Perhaps you are right. She has very little to lose and a lot to gain by running in 2008, however, I suspect she will have about as much success as the Joe-mentous one. She’ll lead in the polls 18 months before Iowa simply because of her name, but her support will evaporate very quickly after that.

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