The Art of the Remake

I don’t like a lot of remakes because the artist remaking the song usually stinks, or, more typically, tries to do it the same exact way as the original. This is an example of a remake that I do like. First, the very definition of a perfect song, “No Love Lost” by Joy Division:

and now, the same song by LCD Soundsystem:

If you are going to cover a song, rip it apart a bit and make it your own. Nice job by LCD Soundsystem.

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  1. > If you are going to cover a song, rip it apart a bit and make it your own.

    I agree with that. Other examples are the Effigies’ version of “No Love Lost” and the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy version of “California Uber Alles”

  2. Yeah, that would be good. Mark, our guitar player, loves Joy Division. We have done a sloppy, impromptu version of Ceremony, because if we are on stage he cannot resist just starting to play that one.

    I am getting the itch to try to do a reunion show in 2011. It would be our third reunion since we broke up in 1990, so we refer to this hypothetical future event as BCIII. The obstacles are substantial. But if we do it, I will let everyone know in advance.

  3. Ha!

    I was just listening to LCD Soundsystem this morning on the way to work.

    It was like listening to college radio in the 80s. It was like 1985 in my car.

    Because I was listening to the ACTUAL radio (like an oldster), I heard a funny clip on WXRT.

    The clip was all about how “at least the government can’t regulate away our happiness” and then a comedian went into a little tirade about how San Francisco hands out needles to heroin users but bans toys in Happy Meals. “Because that sets a bad example.

    People are fed up, eh?

    – Madhu

  4. Lex – Radiohead is just a sick good band. Madhu – funny coindicence on the LCDS. Also good point about the herion needles vs. the stupid happy meal toys. I am always amazed how beautiful California is when I am there EXCEPT the bums and junkies that are tolerated everywhere. I guess winter does have one benefit here in the Midwest, keeping them out west.

  5. I was just in San Diego for work. I got some kind of stomach bug, so I left the others and walked a couple of miles back to my hotel, since dinner was out of the question and I wanted the fresh air, and if I had to vomit, the sidewalk would be just fine. I was surprised to find a lot of the place was like a traditional hobo jungle, rows of people bunked down on sidewalks and in alleys. Pretty menacing, actually. I am big and I walk fast and only got a few verbal grumbles. Chicago is better in this regard. The Winter prevents it from sinking that low.

  6. San Diego is probably a winter homeless destination because of its climate and perhaps also local policies. Down here it’s similar, and the population of people sleeping under overpasses seems to increase during winter.

  7. Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed it.

    Here are a couple more. This one is not for those who are disturbed by men dancing around in drag ;)



    And Icehouse / Iva Davies put out an excellent album full of covers (The Berlin Tapes, later re-released as Heroes), many of them songs from the ’80s. Here are a couple of my favourites:

    (IMO Icehouse were one of the better bands of the ’80s but maybe I am biased as they are from my home town.)

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