Just The Usual Slander

Chicago boy Scott Burgess alerts us to some remarkably dishonest anti-American commentary in a Brit tabloid. The columnist asserts falsely that the U.S. forbids Red Cross visits to Guantanamo prisoners. (Lest we miss the point, the headline reads: “Even the Nazis let the Red Cross visit POWs. Why won’t Mr Bush?”)

Scott’s blog is reliably a good read.

4 thoughts on “Just The Usual Slander”

  1. Corin Redgrave was for years a leading light in the Workers Revolutionary Party.If I remember rightly he said in a TV interview that the British should rise up like the people of Iran.Just another batty thesp.

  2. It’s not even remotely dishonest. It’s just boring garbage recycled into garbage. (Like most recycling, which is supposed to be good for the environment but that’s another story…)

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