This is Ken from AlienLandscape I’ve just landed here at ChicagoBoyz, where I’ll be doing some of my blogging from now on. I’ll keep posting over there as well, and maybe even put in something besides text while I’m at it.

I’m in the IT business, with a Computer Science degree, so I’ve benefitted as a consumer from international trade (not to mention automation) pushing prices down and quality up for my entire life; a little competition from India in my own industry is just par for the course. The best thing government can do for me is (a) stop jacking up the cost of housing, medicine, and education, (b) drop barriers to entry to other fields, and (c) open up immigration and entice their best talent to keep coming here (mainly by offering the blessings of Liberty in as many ways as we can); as long as we’re competing against them anyway, we might as well compete against them while they’re bearing an American cost of living.

(Much) more to come…

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  1. Welcome Ken. Good first post – I like the compete on equal cost point.

    By chance, did you post frequently on the Metamarkets message boards?

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