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  • Posted by In-Cog-Nito on February 17th, 2004 (All posts by )

    I found it on Ebay!

    (Thanks to Scott for bringing it to our attention)


    9 Responses to “”

    1. Jonathan Says:

      It’ll look good parked next to our MiG.

    2. Sylvain Galineau Says:

      So….according to the category, this is a ham radio antenna….


    3. In-Cog-Nito Says:

      Good catch Sylvain, pretty funny! Don’t know how they came up with that category…

    4. In-Cog-Nito Says:

      I wonder how much gas this sucker burns and how much does it cost to top off the tank?

      “So Bob, what kinda mileage do you get outta her?”

    5. In-Cog-Nito Says:

      I wonder if Larry Ellison will be bidding on it. If San Jose had a fit with him before about noise, wait till they get a load of this. Maybe there’ll be a bidder named LarryE529 from California.

    6. Sylvain Galineau Says:

      I hear at least $50k/100 hours.

    7. In-Cog-Nito Says:

      That’s a lot of fuel.

    8. Fred Boness Says:

      NOTE: Some assembly required. Batteries not included.

    9. Jay Manifold Says:

      Yeah, I saw the link on Blogdex but it wasn’t working at the time, so In-Cog-Nito beat me to it. Thoughts:
      It needs a maroon-and-white paint job, and this on the tail.
      No fancy Blue Angels-type aerial acrobatics allowed until we A) get a few more F-18s and B) grow some Genghis Khan clones so we have some extra pilots.
      I say we start a beating plowshares into swords program.