Drake Hotel Christmas

Recently I was at the Drake Hotel on Michigan avenue near the top of the Magnificent Mile when I took some holiday photos. I really like the Drake dragon he pops out of the frame.

Somebody else I don’t know was standing below their immense Christmas tree and gingerbread house and appeared to be pouting for a photo.

Back at their large bar on the second floor (I think they said that part of the movie Risky Business was filmed here but I don’t know for sure)they had some sort of elaborate centerpiece.

Louis Vutton had a cool store display for the holidays.

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3 thoughts on “Drake Hotel Christmas”

  1. We travel to Chicago frequently because some of our kids have been there. A couple of years ago, I stumbled on a bargain rate for a weekend at the Drake. It was a wonderful experience. To me, hotel rooms are much of a muchness. A good room doesn’t have roaches, a very good room has a comfortable bed. The room at the Drake was fabulous. The whole place is beautiful. We ate at the Cape Cod room, which is kind of a sea food time machine. I had Lobster Newberg, it was delicious.

    Retail rates at the Drake are stiff, a lot of companies won’t go for that. But, if you get in on a deal grab it.

  2. Robert, a very interesting approach. I always collect customer’s feedback (professionally, as contract interior designer; I’ve done several hotels, among other things); can you expand a bit on yours?
    What made the room at Drake fabulous? Granted, there was no roaches and the bed was comfortable; what else? Ergonomically correct plumbing fixtures, logical layout, materials pleasant to touch? Something else? Can you be more specific?

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