9 thoughts on “Photo”

  1. Actually the view is from the bridge of our new aircraft carrier. The flight deck looks so much nicer since I had it landscaped.

  2. And I still haven’t seen the Pontani sisters live…Got to work on that.

    What I want to know though, is how Jonathan lands his MiG on a landscaped aircraft carrier deck. The man is full of surprises…

  3. It was a close call, I almost ran our MiG off the edge. (Remind me to bring it in to Sears for a brake job next weekend.) Meanwhile it’s parked at the left end of the pool. The Pontani sisters are sunbathing on the wings. Come on over.

  4. It still needs miles to take off, but it stops real quick since we swapped in a set of brake rotors from a ’74 El Camino.

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