10 thoughts on “If we could only get back into good graces with the French…”

  1. France’s cooperation with China’s attempted intimidation of Taiwan is truly disgraceful. Fortunately, I think DPP will win the Taiwanese elections anyway, despite the attempted assassination of President Chen and joint excersises by Communist/Appeaser naval forces.

  2. B of P, I meant about the whole Taiwan story in general. As for France, well…My expectations are so low now they can hardly disappoint them. I am just surprised that anyone still cares about France in the US. Must be that UN seat. Without it, would anyone care ? Probably not.

    My guess is that the admiral on our unique (some would say eunuch) aircraft carrier needed to do some shopping for the wife in Hong Kong…

  3. I am a bit more concerned about France than your comment about anyone caring would indicate.

    I would not be surprised to see more expressions of mutual interest between the French and communist Chinese as the days pass. Fresh from their co-optation of the Germans, the French now expect to be able to add China to their growing circle of anti-American regimes that will form the balance to the Anglo-Saxon hyperpuissance. Before you dismiss this as lunatic ravings, remember they think Jerry Lewis is funny.

    Our best strategy is to remove restrictions on French immigration.

  4. Richard, there are no doubts France in general – and Chirac in particular – have illusions of goold old grandeur. But that does not mean they are as relevant as they take themselves to be. The talent of the French government is to make itself look a lot more important that it could ever be – had it signed up for Iraq, it would have had a hard time to provide the 10,000 men it did in 1991 – and make others fall for it. Which feeds the cycle.

    This is the Chinese we are talking about. If I had to bet on who is using who in this relationship, and who will come up on top, it would not be France.

  5. I agree on who will come out on top. The Chinese also have enough long term vision to allow the French to take all the short term credit publicly for putting together and perhaps appear to have a loud voice in directing an alliance that they (the Chinese) will finally control and exploit. I fear the French are simply so vain and jealous that they won’t figure that out until it is too late.

  6. Yeah, the French are probably going to get rolled. The Chinese leadership is expert at exploiting nations that seek Chinese assistance against third parties. This is so far what has happened to us, for example (see Arthur Waldron in Commentary), after we sought Chinese cooperation in dealing with North Korea.

  7. Everyone probably knows this by now, but Chen & the DPP have won the Taiwanese election. Pan-Blue is trying to get a recount, but I doubt anything will come of it.

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