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  1. I’ve seen this – it’s from an ad:

    “Write now to find out how you too can use undergraduate students as an affordable alternative to lab rats in YOUR psych studies!”


  2. I have been across this bridge many times as I live across US 1 from the Vizcaya Metrorail station in Miami. I was pretty sure I was the only Miamian to use this bridge until I saw this photo. The bridge is only a small piece of a huge waste of taxpayer money. If only the Metrorail actually went somewhere. Compared to the “el”, the “Metrofail” is fantastically useless. Nice photo, though.

  3. Regis, you are perceptive and I agree with you about the Metrorail.

    The “Jurassic Park” angle is new to me, as I haven’t seen the movie other than in a few brief clips on TV.

    When I first saw this pic I thought of a spider web, and almost posted a humorous caption about how its hypnotic effect was like that of a washing machine in action. It’s amusing how much differently different people can react to the same image.

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