1 thought on “A DoubleQuote for InfoCult”

  1. I read this jihadist shreiking “blood-drinking” nonsense not long after reading an appalling and heart-rending story about trolls who go to facebook pages set up as memorials to young people who have died tragically, and post the most evil, God-awful things, including dead-body pictures and the like, and then sort of get into one-upsmanship contests over who can post the most foul, demonic, monstrous things in the face of family and friends of the deceased, while sitting at home and laughing about it. (How about the California Highway Patrol pictures of a horrific accident that dismembered a teenage girl, which were leaked to the Internet, and then gleefully emailed to her family with cute captions and the like by such people creatures.)

    And it occurs to me that, we DEFINITELY MUST take this jihadism crap seriously, but the large majority of what they are saying on the Net is probably just the same phenomena, literal drooling sub-human trolls, just trying to get a chubby by outposting each other to scare the Christians or whatever.

    Evil is everywhere, both powerful and powerless. As a decidedly non-religious person, I really have come to consider more often the notion of Evil, since the coming of the Internet.

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